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Been a long time since I rock and rolled. Yeah. ~ Led Zeppelin

Shadowy Realms Bag Gray Small Deer Leather Crossbody Purse Fashion Bags Girls Bag Ladies Shoulder Dark Hasp Womens Bag Messenger Bucket Schedule

Any day you tune in, you'll find some of the best audio drama ever produced! Here are the kinds of exciting shows each day holds in store...

Sci-Fi Sunday:

Sundays, we bring you science-fiction from the golden age, as well as more recent original works and adaptations from sci-fi film and literature.

Murder on Monday:

The best of mystery and detective fiction, from locked-room to hard-boiled, as well as a dose of one of your favorites, CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Tuesday Terrors:

Frights to turn your skin pale and your hair white. Trés chic!

Weird Wednesday:

Putting the "Wha...?" back in weird. Menacing monsters and unnameable forces make the middle of the week hellacious.

Thriller Thursday:

Suspense, mystery, action and intrigue... and anything else we can pack in a single day!

Friday Night Escape!

A line-up showcasing stories from the series Escape!, as well as similar tales of terror and suspense.

Saturday Adventures:

Bag Leather Purse Deer Fashion Bag Small Bag Gray Dark Womens Hasp Ladies Bags Crossbody Shoulder Girls Messenger Bucket Hit the ground running with stories of action and adventure in exotic places. Spies, jungles, pirates — we got 'em!

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Today's Programming2178 Strap Tote W39xh21xd17cm Clearance Navy For Her Guitar Holiday LeahWard Sale Bags Large Aztec Women's Shoulder Designer Handbags 8wTqgt

It's a cruel, cruel summer, as Bananarama would have told you. So much going on, so much not.

Terrible as it may seem, there are other things that are taking a lot of my time, and the Realms has suffered. By extension, fans of the Realms have had to deal with inferior presentations of their favorite shows on *sniff* other stations.

Would, that I could tell you that your suffering was at an end. Sadly, no. These are interesting times for the Pilgrim and the Shadowy Realms ("interesting" as in the Chinese curse). We'll be back as soon as we can, but—for now—we'll have to direct you to some of the other fine purveyors of audio Horror, Mystery and Suspense available around the web. I ask only that you keep listening, keep enjoying and stay Shadowy.

Until we meet again, peace.

Shadowy Classics

Conspiracy theories and aliens are the peanut butter and chocolate of the imaginative mind. Check out these blended sci-fi movies to get your fill...

Body Snatchers (1993)

This is another remake of the 1956 film based on the 1954 novel by Jack Finney that sounds a bit like the 1951 Heinlein novel The Puppet Masters. Hmm.

The Puppet Masters (1994)

The 1951 Robert Heinlein novel's concept of an alien parasite taking over a human being has been used by numerous movies and TV shows, ever since.

The Arrival (1996)

No pods, no puppets. Just Charlie Sheen, before most of the crazy stuff. Oh, and, for some reason, Ron Silver instead of Donald Sutherland.


Dude! Keep watching the skies...
U.S. Department of Defense footage of a 2004 encounter near San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unknown object.
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Mystery Is My Hobby - Hudson Family Deaths
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